3 + 1 Marketing strategies for managing the pandemic

3 + 1 Marketing strategies for managing the pandemic

As the situation has evolved and circumstances have changed from the Covid-19 pandemic, many things have changed dramatically both in terms of people's personal and social lives and consequently a landscape has emerged in the business world which is significantly different from what we knew and which continues to change day by day.

In this context we could say there are 3 types of businesses. Businesses that are unable to adapt to the new data because they do not have an online presence yet, those that have some kind of online presence but do not take full advantage of it and finally, businesses that already have a presence and digital strategies which have been affected to a greater or lesser extent from the new circumstances.

In order to help businesses cope and take advantage of the opportunities presented during this time period, we recommend 3 + 1 digital marketing strategies which can be adjusted to each business depending on whether it provides products or services, the budget available and which will prepare you and for the post-Covid era.

1.Transfer your business online

Two key factors in this new situation are that consumers now spend much more time at home, even in cases where no lockdown has been imposed, in order to stay safe, and also that online mobility has skyrocketed with many more people spending more of their time using the internet.

If you still have not taken the step to have an online presence you are missing out on important opportunities to interact with your prospective and existing customers and make a profit from the online environment.

2.Take advantage of PPC ads

By utilizing the PPC ads offered on platforms such as Facebook, Google etc. you can reach new customers quickly, in a targeted and economically sufficient way, on a large scale and in an effective way.

With people spending much more time online you will have more opportunities to introduce your products and services to them, inform them of the value they can offer them and have in a short period of time profits from sales, leads and greater recognizability.

In addition, via PPC ads you can access data on your target audience characteristics, interests and concerns, what they are currently searching to buy and what they are searching on Google.

3.Promote your products and services which can provide solutions during this specific period.

Since your goal is to increase your profits and sales, use your advertising budget on products and services which can be of value to consumers as they spend their time at home.

Also if these are products, focus on providing e.g. free or very low cost shipping, fast delivery, order tracking, easy product returns and improve the experience of those who prefer to buy from you.

+1. Make the most out of remarketing and lookalike audiences.

If you have been following the first 3 online presence and advertising strategies for some time, you can take advantage of the remarketing and lookalike audiences techniques. Through remarketing you can re-approach consumers who have already interacted with your page, but have not made purchases from you in order to remind them e.g. about the products they left in their shopping cart, entice them with discounts and offers or suggest products similar to the ones they have searched for on your page.

Finally, through lookalike audiences, you can target consumers who share common characteristics with your existing customers, with people who visit your website or who have interacted more with some of your online campaigns.

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In each crisis period there are problems and difficulties, but also opportunities which are shaped within these conditions and "wait" to be used. If you wish to better adapt to the current situation and make the best use of the opportunities presented in the midst of a pandemic, at CnC Tech we are always available to listen to you, advise you based on our experience and know-how and implement strategies to help you recover and grow!