A Brief Introduction to SMS Marketing

A Brief Introduction to SMS Marketing

Text messages (SMS) are now widely used in advertising. With a read rate of over 95%, SMS is worth exploring if you want to shake up your marketing strategy.

We've compiled the best advice we could find for developing an effective SMS marketing campaign.

SMS Marketing: What Is It

Marketing by text message, or SMS, is a relatively new method of communicating with consumers. Contacts are actively encouraged to subscribe to this sort of marketing.

Opt-in marketing is in stark contrast to other forms of social marketing, such as Paid Social or PPC, in which users are encouraged to "like," "follow," or otherwise be exposed to public advertisements. Instead, people that utilize SMS do so by intentionally seeking out promotional texts.

People's use of sending and receiving SMS texts has skyrocketed recently and for a good reason.

Sixty percent of individuals say they check their texts within one to five minutes of receipt, and fifty percent of consumers now view SMS as a cutting-edge method of communication for brands.

Similar to other types of advertising, SMS marketing can tailor texts to meet your company's specific needs. Among the many uses of short message service among popular brands are:

  • Making custom advertisements
  • Informing buyers of upcoming deals
  • Requesting Participation in Surveys
  • Updates on Orders and Returns

Successful Methods of Using SMS

Here are some tried-and-true methods for improving your SMS marketing campaigns.

Provide a means for recipients to withdraw consent

To prevent upsetting potential clients and to give off a spammy vibe, it is crucial to clarify how to stop receiving SMS messages. This is not only the right thing to do but is frequently required by law.

It's essential to include a "Reply STOP to discontinue SMS updates" or similar conditions in every SMS you send.

Say Who You Are

Introducing yourself right away is crucial when it comes to SMS marketing. We've all received spam from scammers pretending to be the Post Office or Amazon; if you don't want your recipients to delete your messages, be upfront about who you are.

Putting your company's name at the beginning of the message is the most efficient approach to do this. For instance, "Hey, <Name>, Digital Media Team here."

Timing is Everything

In SMS marketing, timing is crucial. It's easy to forget this while designing your SMS marketing strategy, but the fact that texts may be sent at any time is vital.

SMS marketing is most effective between 10 AM and 8 PM, although this might vary depending on your brand and clients.

Asking new subscribers how often they would like to hear from you is a great approach to get a feel for their interests and requirements.

Observe the Character Limit

Every copywriter's worst nightmare is the dreaded character limit. And yet, in the world of SMS advertising, there's no way around it (much to our dismay).

SMS messages can only include 160 characters at the moment, no matter how hard you try to sneak in a few extra ones.

Make sure every character counts by keeping the copy short and sweet for SMS. If you're limited on character count for your promotion's code, keep it brief and use a link shortener.

And that wraps up our brief overview of SMS advertising. Are you curious? Please don't wait to contact us; do it right now.