Video marketing

Video marketing

Video marketing is another Digital marketing strategy for businesses wishing to increase their profits.

What is video marketing?

Through video marketing your company develops its range, increases its revenue and expands its activities. Like content marketing, as well as e-mail marketing, they are appropriate strategies for increasing revenue. Thus, your business focuses on creating informative and valuable videos for its target audience.

Some types of video marketing include:

  • Teaching material
  • Announcements - informative reports
  • Behind the scenes
  • Events - Upcoming events
  • Etc

Regardless of the type of video you create, you aim to build your brand in order to increase its recognizability among your target audience. As with social media, email and content marketing, this brand recognizability can lead to valuable changes!

What is the goal of video marketing?

Video marketing focuses on enhancing the brand recognizability, conversion rates and revenue of the company. It achieves these goals by creating valuable, high quality content for users. This strategy, like voice search optimization, also attracts current user behaviors.

For example, adults spend up to five hours a day watching videos. Brand recognizability increases by almost 140 percent when a user watches a video, whether it is a product announcement, instructions, or an event update.

Why use video marketing in your company strategy?

With the ability to improve conversion rates, video marketing becomes a digital marketing strategy. It is also a great addition to email marketing and content marketing, which benefit from video use.

  • About 90% of users credit videos for purchasing decisions.

Like content marketing, your videos can also influence the users’ purchases. A video with instructions for applying a product, for example, can convince users that your product best suits their business or lifestyle. If your company invests in marketing influencer, an influencer video can also persuade users to choose you.

  • Video pages are 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of search results

It's important to get a top ranking in search results and it is just as important to optimize your pages. With videos that complement your content, you can gain better ranking for competitive keywords, which can lead to a valuable increase in the number of page visits and potential customers for your business.

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