Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is one of the most novel digital marketing strategies companies can adopt.

What is Voice search optimization?

With voice search optimization, your company improves the existing and new content of the website for voice search. The goal is to gain this advanced tool on your website or to appear as the first Google search result even above the organic listings.


The various voice assistants, from Siri to Amazon Echo, use the selected snippet to respond to voice searches. So if a user asks, "How can I clean a dirty dishwasher?" Amazon Echo or Siri would respond with the selected quote, which you can see below.

As search queries differ when using voice versus text, voice search optimization is important. If you are a local business, this strategy is even more critical, as many users rely on their mobile devices - and voice search - to find a restaurant, company or store near them.

What is the goal of voice search optimization?

The goal of voice search optimization is to gain the selected quote for keywords that are relevant to your target audience and business. By ranking at the top of the search, your company increases its visibility on the internet, hence, to consumers, which can lead to in-store visits, product purchases and more.

Why use voice search optimization as a digital marketing strategy?

With more and more people buying the so-called smartphones, as well as various types of speakers or headphones, voice search is becoming a new - and popular - way of searching. As a result, it is one of the newest digital marketing strategies that companies can adopt.

Some additional incentives for investing in voice search optimization include:

  • Almost 50% of adults use voice search daily

In the upcoming years, analysts expect this percentage to increase even more. In turn, the first users of voice search optimization will benefit the most - their websites will already be ranked in selected snippets, leading to increased consumer visits, achieving the goal you have set.

  • More than half the owners of voice-activated headphones want promotional content

Like email, consumers want advertising content by brands. They want to know about your sales and new products, so investing in voice search optimization today can benefit your brand later, when voice speakers and headphones provide these promotional options to companies.

Do you think that voice search optimization is an ideal strategy for your business?

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